For us, wholesale is an opportunity to partner with other businesses, to empower them in their mission and accomplish more than either of us could on our own. Wholesale partnerships are unique and powerful relationships and we dedicate our efforts to value and maximize their effectiveness, not just with an excellent brand and product, but also by offering free business development and marketing services.

We’re most passionate, not about making our sales, but about furthering our deeper mission by helping other businesses thrive. Because businesses are so dynamic and have such a life of their own, we make it a point to take a dynamic approach to partnering with your business and supporting you. Providing a “game-changer product” is just the beginning of what we do.

CONTACT US to schedule a meeting so we can discuss how a wholesale partnership with us can empower your business. Refuge Coffee has been a story of making dreams into a tangible, viable reality. We’d love to work with you to see your business become more of what you dream and how we can have a greater impact in the community together.

We prefer to meet in person when possible and are happy to supply samples of our coffee and packaging along with a wholesale information packet. We also offer free tastings to any business curious about what we do. This allows you to experience the stand-out quality of our product yourself, understand how it can work for your business, and allows you and your team to get a nice coffee break while you’re at it. We can help get you set up with the proper equipment and training so that coffee service is easy and delicious, as well as provide free consultation for your menu and marketing to make the most of our partnership. We look forward to hearing from you!