“Starter Kit” Brew Set


The AeroPress Coffee Maker and the Yama Hand Grinder are hands down the best way to get started making excellent coffee. You'll get a great consistent grind and a full flavored cup of coffee with a super easy clean up and a brew that's free of soot or “coffee-mud.”

Grab a Brew Set and get a FREE bag** of coffee to start trying it out. Each Brew Set comes with a copy of our brewing guide so you can make a great cup from day one. Let us get you set up!

The Yama Hand Grinder is a high quality steel burr grinder offering a consistent and repeatable grind size (unlike blade grinders that chop coffee). It comes at a fraction of the cost of an electric burr grinder, is travel friendly, and has a rad vintage look and feel. You can grind coffee suitable for any brew method with this gadget.

The AeroPress Coffee Maker brews a sweet and clean cup in less than 2 minutes and it's virtually invincible. It comes with 350 microfilters and a measuring scoop. Just grind 1 rounded scoop as coarse as table salt, fill with hot water, twist on the cap with a filter, and press your coffee into a cup.

Happy Caffeinating!

**All Brew Sets include an *8 oz bag* of coffee or you can upgrade to a *12 oz bag* to get you started for just another $5.


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With Coffee

With free 8 oz. bag, With discounted 12 oz. bag

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