“Ready to Lower” Mexico Organic Water Decaf


Carob Morsels * Cream Soda * Delicious

One of the best coffees we’ve ever roasted. This Organic Mexico is a water process decaf, but still everything a coffee should be in flavor. We purchased this coffee in preparation for opening our public cafe inside Blue Granite Climbing Gym, wanting to provide a delicious coffee option for a late night crowd that still wants to sleep when they get home. Not to mention, we’re big fans of drinking multiple cups of coffee just to keep cozy during the winter–this coffee allows us to do just that and still keep things mellow.

The aroma on this one is so distinctly chocolaty that it smells like a cup of hot chocolate. The flavor in the cup delivers a full, rich, chocolaty taste that reminds us of 80% dark chocolate or carob morsels. The finish has a vanilla-like sweetness like you find in a cream soda. If you or someone you love prefers decaf, you know how hard it is to find one that delivers such great flavor. This one is not only “good for a decaf,” it’s an exceptional coffee overall. Also great as an espresso.

More about the source:
MEXICO ORGANIC ALTURA WATER DECAF is sourced from the southern states of Chiapas and Oaxaca, Mexico, where there are mountain ranges that provide higher altitudes and ideal climates for cultivating coffee. The vast majority of farms are family-owned with less than 10 acres of land. The coffee harvest typically begins in October and ends in March.


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