Peru Fair Trade Organic – 12 oz


Brownie * Dutch Tobacco * Black Cherry * Dried Plum

So much body and mouthfeel in this coffee. We’re stoked to have it on board! Such a cool combination of being chocolaty like a cakey brownie, but with a rustic aroma and finish that add an interesting twist. And while you’re chewing on all these flavors you’ll find nuances of dried fruit adding another layer of flavor and complexity.

If you’re looking for a nice Familiar coffee with some traditional characteristics and thick flavor, but with a tasty twist, then this one will be really fun for you. (And if you liked our Brazil Yellow Bourbon, we highly recommend this one.) Enjoy!


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Whole Bean, French Press, Cold Brew, Autodrip/Chemex, Single Cup Pour Over/Aeropress, Keurig Basket

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