“Just Say Yes” Organic Adventurous Blend


Fig * Plum * Berries * Vanilla * Wine-like

Deep, delicious, complex–this is a blend we’ve long anticipated. Inspired by a year of exploration and discovery encapsulated in the three words, “Just Say Yes,” this coffee is all about excitement, unpredictability, possibilities, and enjoyment. Just Say Yes is a blend of 2 premium organic Ethiopian coffees. Both constituents are natural processed, meaning that they are dried in the coffee cherry to create deep fruity flavors in the final cup. The result of this blend is everything we appreciate about natural process coffees–thick and fruity as well as juicy and floral. So if you’re feeling like having a little adventure, Just Say Yes.

More about the source:
ETHIOPIA SIDAMO FTO NATURAL OROMIA is sourced from family owned farms organized around the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative (OCFCU), an umbrella organization established 1999 to support a sustainable coffee supply from cooperatives in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. OCFCU supports 274 cooperatives with more than 250,000 farmer-members, accounting for sixty-five percent of Ethiopia’s total coffee production. Premiums from coffee exports are returned directly to farmers, and also fund organic farming programs, mill equipment purchases, and food security programs. OCFCU has established a central cupping lab to support quality control and a members’ bank that provides pre-harvest financing.

ETHIOPIA LIMU 1 ORGANIC NATURAL YIDINEKACHEW DABESSA is sourced from Yidinekachew Dabessa, who operates his own farm located in the Limukosa district within the Jimma Zone in the Oromia Region, Ethiopia. The area is well known for its wildlife including antelopes, hyenas, apes, colobus monkeys, leopards, and variety of birds. Yidinekachew, started cultivating coffee in 2008 when he inherited the 30-acre family farm from his father. Yidinekachew has partnered with his brother Mesfin, who has a degree in Agricultural economics, and together they have expanded the area of coffee cultivation to over 370 acres.


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