Vintage Logo Handwarmer Mug


We're stoked on this classy mug! These are in very limited supply as they carry our original logo. A collector's item for sure–an excellent drinking mug that also makes the statement, “I knew about Refuge before it was cool!” It not only looks beautiful but once full of yummy hot beverage (which stays hot!) it gives you perfectly cozy warmth without ever being too hot to touch.

The design nestles perfectly between your palms in that warm “mug hug” position. You know what we're talking about! Coffee held close to your heart, eyes closed, a ribbon of warm toffee-like aroma soothes past your face as your eyebrows lift and your shoulders shrug forward, “Omagod, yesss…” That's the “mug hug.” That's what Refuge feels like.

Hefty, durable, ceramic, and of course, cozy; a perfect gift of warm cozy feels especially as the weather cools down. Cheers!

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