Ethiopia Washed Sidamo – 12 oz


Melon * Juicy Pear * Wildflower Honey * Lavender

This washed Ethiopia is so sweet, nectar-like, and deliciously complex, with a never ending list of descriptors like melon, pear, peach cobbler, and various florals washing over your palate. The aromas are delicate and the cup leaves your mouth feeling sweet, yummy, and sunshiney. Yet as fruity as it is, it’s not like tea or juice–it’s totally coffee. It has a great foundation that really fills out the cup, saturates your palate, and expresses its variety of silky, complex flavors and aromatics. We recommend brewing this one as a pour over to highlight its clean and sweet character. So nice!


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Whole Bean, French Press, Cold Brew, Autodrip/Chemex, Single Cup Pour Over/Aeropress, Keurig Basket