Ethiopia Natural Guji – 12 oz


Cotton Candy * Berries & Cream * Mexican Pastry

We couldn’t be more stoked on this Ethiopia Natural. Sourced from smallholders in the Guji Zone, this coffee is so fun and unlike anything we’ve offered before. Guji pretty much gives you a nectar like coffee extraction with unicorn magic wrapped up inside. Sweet, adventurous, and powerfully fruited–strawberries & cream and dried blueberries swirling with a sweetness reminiscent of confectioners sugar and soft bready mexican pastries. Layered and rich like a red wine, yet it finishes on your palate like blue cotton candy at the fair on a summer night. This one will make your day! We recommend it as a pour over.

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Whole Bean, French Press, Cold Brew, Autodrip/Chemex, Single Cup Pour Over/Aeropress, Keurig Basket

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