Colombia Organic El Bombo


Creme Brulee * Honeyed Granola * Peach Cobbler * Dried Mango

What we love about this coffee is that it’s so approachable and straight up delicious, but not lacking in complexity and nuance. At first sip, it’s just a darn good coffee. Full bodied, creamy mouth feel, and tons of caramel coming together to make an experience reminiscent of creme brulee or dulce de leche. And after the magic of the initial sip is over, flavors shift to a rounded, complex, and subtle finish of mango and peach cobbler–just intriguing enough to make you smile and take another sip.

More about the source:
COLOMBIA ORGANIC HUILA EL BOMBO is sourced from family-owned farms organized around El Bombo, a producer association with 50 members who live in the communities of Laguna delBombo, La Laguna, El Paraíso, El Porvenir, Alto Planes, Laguna Verde, and Laguna Chiquita within the municipality of Pitalito in the department of Huila, Colombia. El Bombo was founded in 2013 to focus on quality coffee production and to establish direct trade relationships. El Bombo collaborates with an export company called Lohas Beans to establish connections in the specialty coffee market, which has improved coffee prices for its members and enables farmers to reinvest in their farms and provide for their families. El Bombo has also successfully built their own cupping lab, which provides members with cupping data on 100% of their harvest.  This immediate feedback has helped members make informed decisions about farm management and post-harvest processing.


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