Handpainted Enamel Mugs by CMSC


We’re so stoked to be collaborating with Camp Mug Supply Co to bring you these handpainted enamel mugs! CMSC combines his love for adventure his unique craft to design and paint each of these mugs. It just makes sense that they’re the perfect mug to fill with our adventure-inspired handcrafted coffee. Each mug features an inspirational phrase on one side and our logo on the other.

These little guys hold max 12 oz of beverage. They’re made of stainless steel so they can handle whatever adventure you choose to take them on; just don’t put them in a microwave. Each mug will have idiosyncrasies in their brush strokes, adding to the personal touch that we feel makes them so special. Take them wherever your personal journey leads you and whatever beverages, memories, dings and scratches you collect with them will continue to make them even more of a personal treasure.


Jared (Refuge Coffee) & Adam (Camp Mug Supply Co)


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Take a Risk!, Stay Wild, Climb On! Limited Edition

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