Brazil Natural Parana – 12 oz


Chocolate * Toasted Marshmallow * Roasted Peanuts

This natural processed Brazil is a straight up “Familiar” coffee. It’s a solid, classic coffee, boasting distinct notes of chocolate and roasted peanuts. Sweet all the way through, yet deep and rich, with just enough “burn” to give it a hint of blackened marshmallow and still keep its other amazing nuances. Throw this in a French press, the espresso maker, or whatever–it’s really versatile. It takes cream well, it’s amazing on its own. It’s the coffee that is down for anything you wanna do today. As an espresso it pulls sweet, creamy shots that we describe as “fluffy” and caramelly–reminds us of Cracker Jacks. And it’s a dream come true with chocolate chip cookies.

BRAZIL CERRADO is sourced from family-owned farms organized around Cocamar Cooperativa Agroindustrial, a cooperative located in the municipality of Maringá in the state of Paraná, Brazil. Cocamar was founded by a group of 43 coffee producers in 1963. The current membership has grown to 13,000, and includes producers from municipalities in the state of Paraná, São Paulo, and Mato Grosso. In addition to coffee, members of Cocamar diversify their incomes with the production of soybeans, corn, wheat, and oranges. The milling facility at Cocamar is renowned for its strict quality control measures and protection of the environment.


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Whole Bean, French Press, Cold Brew, Autodrip/Chemex, Single Cup Pour Over/Aeropress, Keurig Basket

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