We are a small batch roaster in South Lake Tahoe inspired by the beauty and adventure of life. We are passionate about sharing that inspiration with others through our unique roasting style that produces compelling, balanced, naturally sweet and nuanced coffees from sustainable farms all over the world.

At Refuge Coffee, we believe that coffee is meant to be an experience and an adventure–something that helps us savor life and get back out to live it to the fullest. With roots in South Lake Tahoe and a deep love for people, our mission is to share the beauty and adventure of life through our brand, and through excellent coffee.


We are amazed by variety. Variety makes life beautiful.

We thrive on finding coffees that have unique qualities and roasting them to highlight different elements of their personality. Our goal with each coffee that we roast is to bring out the virtues that we are most excited about and create a naturally sweet, wonderfully complex, and pleasingly balanced experience for your taste buds.

What differentiates our coffees from one another is not really their roast degree so much as their unique origin and flavor profile. Rather than roasting to provide pungent and bitter coffees, or eccentric acid-forward coffees, we hope to bring each coffee into its “sweet spot,” where we believe the coffee demonstrates its most beautiful array of flavor qualities. Some are hefty and full of chocolates, and some exhibit delicate, intoxicating floral aromas. Variety makes life beautiful–and in coffee, the varieties are literally endless.


Founder and roaster, Jared Marquez, was born and raised in South Lake Tahoe. After 21 years of being immersed in his hometown, he moved to San Diego where he spent the next 8 years developing personally and finding the tools to come back home and make Tahoe a better place. After studying community development and attaining his BA in Psychology (specializing in therapy and community interventions) he realized that starting a small business was the most strategic way to use his strengths and make a difference back home.

Coffee became the vehicle. Jared wasn’t a coffee drinker at the inception of the idea to start a business. Coffee seemed so boring and bitter, but his research led him to discover how diverse and delicious coffee could be if it was roasted differently.

After 3 years of research and continuing his education on his own, the heart and vision behind Refuge Coffee had become a clear plan, a powerful brand, and a distinct and excellent product.

Refuge Coffee continues to fulfill its original vision today, not only by providing excellent coffee for the South Lake Tahoe community to start the day with, but also by supporting the local community. Refuge Coffee sponsors TAMBA (Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association) events and trail-building, personally develops areas in South Lake Tahoe for recreational rock climbing, and sponsors and volunteers with SOS Outreach, a program that mentors underserved youth through snowboarding and skiing.

Refuge is about more than coffee. It’s about inspiring a better life, starting with the community of South Lake Tahoe. We are excited to touch your life in even the simplest way and we look forward to making a difference together.


– Jared Marquez


To us, wholesale partnerships are special and powerful relationships where we can make a bigger difference along with other businesses. Go to our Wholesale Partnership page to learn more.