The Coffee

We create a wide range of coffee styles, from our “Familiar” traditional roasts to our “Adventurous” varieties with unique flavor profiles.


Adventurous coffees are the kind that you might sip and say, “Wow! I didn’t know coffee could taste like that!” These are outside-the-box coffees that take you someplace new. Adventurous coffees are roasted to a similar degree and show sweetness and balance like Familiar coffees but offer an exotic experience.

These coffees tend to come from Africa but may come from other regions that offer a delicious and unique coffee experience.


Our familiar coffees offer an experience that resonates with what most of us consider “coffee flavored,” yet they are roasted in our never overbearing or bitter, delicious and naturally sweet style. These coffees provide an experience that offers the comfort of familiarity but is nonetheless delicious and amazing.

Familiar coffees tend to come from Central and South America but may include coffees from other regions that give you that solid, every-day kind of coffee that you can’t wait to wake up to.