Columbia Supremo Medellin – 12 oz.


Cashew * Butter Creme * Chocolate Chunk

Excellent hot or as a cold brew. Sourced from smallholders in the Medellin region, this Columbia coffee is classic and epic all at the same time. It’s like you had a dream that you got out of bed and made the perfect cup of coffee… and then you find out it’s not a dream. The cup is thick and chocolaty, yet it has a clean sweet aroma reminiscent of butter creme frosting that greets you before you sip, and lingers long afterward. Layer after layer of bodied chocolaty flavor, rich yet nuanced with notes of cashew butter and molasses cookie that emerge as the cup cools. Sip, savor. It’s like dessert for breakfast; it also makes an excellent cold brewed coffee.

Each bag of our Columbia comes with our super simple recipe for cold brew coffee.
Brewed with cold water for 24 hours, the result of cold brewing is a thick and rich concentrate that can be diluted with water or milk, then enjoyed with ice or used to make a quick cup in the microwave–instant coffee at your fingertips!

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